Giselle (1)      Fine Art Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer in Northern and Central New Jersey.


   Hello and Welcome! 

I'm Giselle Salazar, a wife, a mother and a creative photographer who takes pride in creating the most beautiful fine art maternity, newborn and family portraits in New Jersey and NYC. My studio is based out of Woodland Park NJ, as well as all around the most beautiful locations in North, Central New Jersey and New York,

Have you ever wanted a beautiful photograph? So beautiful that you keep it forever and proudly display it? Wouldn't you love it as a mom to be in front of the camera with your children because in 30 years time, those photographs will be priceless? What if I could take the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself?

 I want to show you what is feels like to be in a celebrity photoshoot, to be a magazine model as an expectant mom for one day. Imagine a special day where you are pampered with high end makeup and hair styling and then posed in the most glamorous way, to create a truly unique portrait experience.

I want you to live and unforgettable moment and experience what it feels like to be photographed with the people you love dearly! 

With many years of learning and mastering my craft, I will change the way you see yourself as an expectant mom and will have the best portrait experience of you and your loved ones! 

 That is my promise, 

Giselle Salazar