Session upgrades & Add-ons

      Upgrade in printing size: $250
(Can print the image files up to 30x40)
8x8 photobook (20 sides): $250
11x14 Canvas wrap:$175
16x24 Canvas wrap:$225
20x24 Canvas wrap:$350
24x36 Canvas wrap:$425
Print collections
Collection A- $225
(3-8x10, 6-5x7, 8-4x6)
Collection B- $175
(1-11x14, 2-8x10 prints, 6-4x6)
Collection C- $200
(1-16x20 print, 2-8x10 prints, 6-4x6)
A la carte prints
4x6: $20
5x7: $25
8x10: $40
11x14: $75
16x20: $125